Pond Theme Forest Animals Wall Decals Sticker Mural Decor

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This Woodland Forest Animals Pond theme comes on two panels. Each 32in by 54in. wide. Each Character is individually cut out so you can put them any arrangement you like. You can put the largest characters closer to the bottom and the smallest characters closer to the top of your mural design. This will create a feeling of depth. Most of our murals we state that you don't have to worry about painting your walls, but on this pond theme you might want to use blue paint for the pond. You can even divide this wall sticker set up to create multiple ponds if you like. Just remember that if you paint to let your walls dry for about a week or two before applying the stickers. The largest grass section is about 20in. tall by 20in wide. the Smallest grass sections at the top are about 13in tall by 13in wide. The deer is about 12in. tall by 16in. The stump with the turtles on it is about 13 1/2in. tall by 20in wide. The two otters in the grass are about 13in. tall by 9in. wide with out the grass. The white swan is 12in. tall by 12in. wide. The yellow mother duck swimming is about 6in. tall by 10in. wide. the two smaller ducks are about 4in. tall by 4 1/2in. wide. The blue heron is about 16in tall by 7in. wide. All the other characters are directly proportionate to the characters mentioned above. Our easy to use removable wall stickers are both reusable and repositionable. Just peel and stick to just about any surface. (Walls, Wood, Plastics, and even Cars) You can change your wall décor in minutes with Presto Chango Decor's removable wall decals
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